Dance Workshop for Singers & Actors
with Haila Strauss


The Dance Workshop for Actors & Singers is also open to teenagers who are mature enough to fit into the class setting. Those who are either too young or don’t have quite the level of experience as their classmates are encouraged to coach privately!

Periodically, we do offer special Teen Workshops, so sign up for our e-mail newsletter to be kept up to date, and be sure to express your interest.

As with the Dance Workshop, a personal interview — on the phone or in person — is required.

Audition Prep for Teens for high school students who need dance training for auditions. Please call for proper placement. Private instruction available.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Am I old enough?

We do not have an age minimum for either the Teen Workshop or the Dance Workshop. It’s more important that students be mature enough to fit in — sometimes that happens at 12 and sometimes it happens at 16. Everyone is different, so call to make an interview appointment, and we’ll talk about where you (or your child) fit in best.

Q. How is the Teen Workshop different from the Dance Workshop?

It isn’t different all! The class is structured exactly the same way, the class members just happen to be a little bit younger.

Q. What will I learn?

Just like any art, dance has its own vocabulary. Knowing that vocabulary — and how it translates into your body — will open doors for any performer, no matter what age. The benefits extend well beyond dance, though. A good sense of movement, breath and space will improve every aspect of performance.

Q. What if I’m not ready for the adult class, and there’s no teen class available?

For many young actors, private coaching is the perfect solution.

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